AMRD is a young resourceful  online retailer .
We come from the international world of Diamonds -we are an extension of Ddiamonds (A.D) Ltd company located in Israel – Tel Aviv.
We’ve been selling for the past 15 years both on the E-commerce platforms and  stores  in Geneva, London and Milan .
The last five years we have seen an immense growth for us in the phenomenon of  E-commerce, proving to us that no storefront  no matter how big  can sell the volume of a product  that E-commerce can.
Of course we acknowledge not only the power of E-commerce, but also its challenges and obstacles like  online product visibility, web store management, persuasive marketing , selection of the right sellers to work with  and competitive pricing for both  online shoppers  and  offline retail partners .

AMRD has put significant commitment and resources into excelling in what is  Our Mission:

Your  Online Retailer

We will maximize your sales by bringing deserved value and heightened brand awareness to your products  on the biggest selling platforms in the world today.

We  Value  Your Time  , Your Profit  , Your Dreams

And while you are busy creating and developing the essence of your products, we will focus on heart-grabbing and eye-catching marketing strategies of product presentation – making it irresistible for the customers to purchase.

We are here to be your partner online.

Why Us

We Buy It – No returns

Buying and paying for your Product upfront. Carrying your Product  Proudly. Marketing your Product as it deserves to be. Selling off  you Product and Buying from you again.

Online Retail Strategies

We analyze the market capacity so to carry your product in stock but not overstock .
In this way we provide  accurate transactions  both with our partners  and  clients .

Product Visibility

With the help of all the unique Tools and Tactics we have at our disposal, we get maximum exposure of  your Product  to the biggest Selling Platforms in the world today  for optimal sales.

Our Tools

Beauty is NOT in the EYES of the beholder, it is in the HANDS of the marketer .
We’re confident that no product – no matter how wonderful – will ever rank in the E-commerce universe unless launched in a meticulous, methodical way, like our way.

Relevant Keywords

Rich Titles and Product Descriptions.
Do people find your product when they search on Google or Amazon’s search engine?
We’ll make sure your keywords are relevant so that your product shows up in the early pages of search results.

Professional perfect product images

Are your product images professional ? Do they make someone want to reach out for the product and actually own it? We’ll make sure they do.

Rave Reviews

Reviews are important to provide feedback about your product and service, we know how to increase positive organic reviews and eliminate bad ones.

Far-Reaching advertising

We operate on the power of sponsored ads related to your specific niche to continuously increase exposure .

Map Monitoring

We make sure NO seller is braking your Minimum Advertised Price – we prevent retailers from underselling you and thereby decreasing your Brand Value. We monitor on the weekends too.

Monthly Sales Analysis

We know how to estimate monthly sales and we understand how to increase sales of an existing products.

Brick & Mortar vs. Amazon

As you probably know, Amazon dominates E-commerce in North America.
And not only is Amazon the largest online retailer in the U.S., but it has also become the first place consumers visit when researching or purchasing a product online.
So far in 2017, over 50% of online product research starts on Amazon, while 40% start on Google, and only 10% start by searching on other retailers’ sites.
Actual store owners go on Amazon to decide what product  they should carry by researching and analyzing rated reviews, customer product experiences, product  range, product demand, prices and more.
Now, it’s true that BRAND EXPOSURE is easy to achieve and quite effective when a customer can enter a store and touch the product. But we’re confident that AMRD’s powerful promotion of your brand online will actually help INCREASE your brick and mortar sales.

Being personally involved AMRD gives constant donations to disabled kids to ease their world and give them a happier life.

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